How are you gearing up your brand for 2014? Check out what web design trends will be hot this coming year!

Web design trends to look forward to in 2014

Why keeping up with web design trends is vital

In today’s fast-evolving trends, people’s interests are being influenced briskly by the web, wherein online marketing plays a big part. The world is indisputably getting smaller because of technology. A vast part of what we see online constitutes largely about how we think and react, how we act and how much attention we give on certain topics. And because of the bulk of information that everyone comes across online, there is always something that must standout – that is our aim! So if you want to stay in the competition it is definitely wise to carefully think about what’s coming in 2014 to be able to implement your marketing strategy in positioning your brand effectively on your website following the points that can make it a hit.

How are you gearing up your brand for 2014? Check out what web design trends will be hot this coming year!

2014 web design trends for your marketing strategy

Content and topic you include in your web is definitely a big chunk of what you should prepare for. But we have to get their attention and there is only one way — impress them visually through a website design that will leave a mark.

1. Simple

We always hear the famous line “Less is more.” Now, you are reading it again because it is undeniably true. Think of serving all information the fastest way your viewers can pick it up. Make it simple.

2. Flat  web design

No shadows, not embossed, just flat. Similar to making it simple, texts and graphics are much attractive if it is clean and flat. Big businesses have implemented this and will surely continue in 2014– there’s Microsoft, there’s Apple. Have you seen how much change they have implemented on their marketing strategy through their designs? Clearly, it’s cleaner, simpler and flat.

3. Website responsiveness

Because today, we are in an era when each and every one checks the web by a few taps of a finger and we view online pages in different devices of varying screen sizes too. Therefore, it is important that your website has compatible and flexible mobile designs to ensure that users can view your website fast and easy.

4. Mix-and-match typography

Designers today have been experimenting on what fonts go good together, how the sizes of these fonts will be best viewed and how much exposure each font should have in a section of a page. Fonts will be the face of your marketing strategy and mixing around two to three of it is sensible to experiment on. This trend is likely to continue and improve in 2014.

5. Interactive

Parallax scrolling, for instance. This type of design allows for a creative way to pull-out your marketing strategy. It is entertaining and it allows viewers to absorb information better by experiencing something new through interesting animations and moving screens.

6. All-in-one

Placing all contents in a single page to allow users to browse through the contents by just scrolling through it instead of jumping from page to page. Many web designers have considered this type of design because it lessens the time for users to wait for a page to load.

7. Neon colours for emphasis

Yes, we mean hot shades of every colour! Designers are keen on placing good emphasis on subjects and this is one of their biggest solutions. We’ve talked about simple designs, but we have to make it clear that making it dull is a no-no. Playing with colours is not to be overlooked.

Website design is indeed necessary in building your brand. Your marketing strategy must not  miss to focus on getting higher traffic for your website. And most importantly, holding your viewers attention is the next move. Follow the path of a trend which will express and position your brand in the best way that it will fit to your marketing strategy.


Credit/s: Marketing Tango, Designpromotivate


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