Help! I Can't Log Into My Facebook Account!

Help! I Can’t Log Into My Facebook Account!

Many of our clients have been writing to us about compromised or hacked Facebook accounts so we decided to share the course of action that you can take should your account be compromised.

My account is compromised.
If your account has been compromised and has been sending out spam, you can secure it here.

My account is compromised and I can’t log into my account to report it.
You can get a friend to help you file a report here.

I can’t remember which email address I use to log in to Facebook.

  1. If you registered a username, try logging in using your username and password. A username is your personalized Facebook URL (web address) and appears in the location bar of your browser after “” when you view your profile. After logging in, visit the Settings tab on the Account page to locate the email address you use to log in.
  2. Try logging in using your mobile number and password. If you have confirmed a mobile number onto your account, you can log in with your mobile number and password. Be sure to add the country code and remove leading zeroes and symbols when you enter your mobile number.
  3. Try locating your account on the password reset page.
  4. Ask one of your Facebook friends to view your profile and send you the email address listed on your account.
    • To do this, ask your friend to click on the “Info” tab on your Profile page and scroll down to “Contact Information.”
    • Once you receive this information, try logging in with that email address.

My group or Page has been compromised, what can I do?
It is not technically possible to compromise a Facebook group or Page. As long as the current administrators of a group keep their login details secure, keep their account enabled, and do not allow any suspicious people to become admins, then the group or Page will remain secure. If an unauthorized person gains admin status, you are encouraged to contact them directly to resolve this matter. Unfortunately, Facebook is not able to reinstate you as an admin for any group or Page.

You may use the Report link on the group or Page to report it for abusive content when appropriate. However, note that if there is no content that violates our terms, Facebook will not take any action.

Tips on keeping your account secure

  1. Think before you click. Never click suspicious links — even if they come from a friend or a company you know. This includes links sent on Facebook (ex: in a chat or wall post) and links sent in emails. If one of your friends clicks on spam by accident, that link might be sent to all of their Facebook friends. Remember to never re-enter your Facebook password or download something (e.g., a “.exe” file) if you aren’t sure what it is. Learn more about recognizing suspicious links and suspicious emails.
  2. If you don’t know what it is, don’t paste it into your internet address bar. Pasting unfamiliar text into your address bar could result in events and pages being created from your account or other spammy actions. Learn more about malicious script scams.
  3. Update your browser (ex: Internet Explorer).Current versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer have built in security protection, like warning you if you navigate to a suspected phishing site. Facebook supports:
  4. Log in at Sometimes scammers will set up a fake page to look like a Facebook login page, hoping to get you to enter your email address and password. Make sure you check the page’s URL (web address) before you enter your login information. When in doubt, you can always type “” into your browser to get back to the real Facebook site.
  5. Pick a unique, strong password. Use combinations of at least six letters, numbers and punctuation marks; don’t use words that can be found in the dictionary. You can reset your password here or by going to your Account Settings page, located in the Account drop-down menu at the top of every Facebook page.
  6. Run anti-virus software to protect yourself from viruses and malware.

For more information about security on Facebook, you can visit their Security Page or  their Help Center.

For more tips on keeping your account secure, click here.

Drop us a message here for one of our friendly staff to get back to you within 24 hours.


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