From left to right: George Foo, Kyle Lim and Kenniess Wong

Under the leadership of founders, Kyle Lim, George Foo, and Kenniess Wong, ihub Media has grown from strength to strength. The company has constantly exceeded the expectations of the industry since it was established in 2002. From a small company that started in the wake of the dotcom bubble burst to obtaining an advertising license in strictly-regulated China, ihub Media is set to scale greater heights.


Chief Executive Officer (ihub Media Pte Ltd)

Kyle Lim is the CEO of ihub Media Group and brings over twenty years of media sales experience to the company. Kyle shapes the direction and strategic goals of ihub Media Group. His visionary leadership contributed to growing ihub Media into the largest regional online sales company in Asia.

Subscribing to the mantra of “work hard, play hard”, Kyle pushes the team to break new ground continually and is always ready to celebrate successes and achievements of the team, no matter how small.

An avid photographer, Kyle enjoys capturing the special moments in his life and of those around him.

He has a Mass Communication degree from Simon Fraser University and had stints in AOL Time Warner’s and Starhub.


Chief Operating Officer (ihub Media Pte Ltd)

George Foo is the COO of ihub Media Group. He is responsible for the overall corporate development of the ihub Media Group. George’s foresight and go-getter attitude have been instrumental in helping the company secure exclusive partnerships with premium web publishers, such as Microsoft Advertising and ESPN Inc.

Getting ihub Media appointed as Facebook’s only official sales partner in Asia is testament to George’s visionary leadership. Back in 2008 when Facebook was still a little-known website in Asia, George foresaw the social network’s growth potential. He went off to Palo Alto to meet the Facebook team and managed to win them over.

George has also played an active role in shaping the social media environment in Asia and is a highly sought after speaker for social media conferences, trainings and workshops in the region.

He graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Finance and Marketing he subsequently spent the greater part of his career in online media sales with Lycos Asia, 24/7 Media Asia and Starhub.

A family man, George enjoys spending time with his 2 daughters amidst his busy schedule.


Regional Managing Director (Interactive Hub Pte Ltd)

Kenniess Wong is Regional Managing Director of Interactive Hub since 2002.  Kenniess is the co-founder of ihub Media Group which is the parent company of Interactive Hub.

Kenniess is an interactive media and advertising sales veteran with a unique blend of digital know-how, sales strategy and management strength. He brings more than a decade of sales management experience as well as an invaluable network of business contacts to the group.  Kenniess spearheads the expansion of the group into new markets in Asia.

Kenniess’ never-say-die attitude and focus on customer service has enabled the group to build strong relationships with media agencies and advertisers over the years.  He takes the lead in the growth, training and development of the sales teams in Asia Pacific region.

Kenniess holds a B.C.M. and Postgraduate Diploma in Economics from Lincoln University after which he joined Lycos Asia and Global Sources.

He is also an avid Manchester United fan and a music fanatic, with a passion for 80’s Retro and British Rock.